The Enchanting Royal Cenotaphs in Bundi, Rajasthan are located besides a Lotus Lake and surrounded by the Ancient Aravalli Hills.

The Pictures remind me of movies Like India Jones, Tomb Raider and blogs on Angkor Vat.

The Era of Kings and Queens is over, yet these lovely Structures now run over by Nature remind me of an Era long gone by, when they Ruled this very Land under which they lie in Eternal Slumber.

hidden behind trees
Forgotten and hidden among trees

The Leaves have fallen from the  naked trees and turned to dust along with The Maharajas ( Kings)  and Maharanis ( Queens)  whose ashes lie beneath these lofty Cenotaphs, called Chattris ( literal translation is an Umbrella) in Hindi.

the leaves are shed
Ancient trees mask the Royal Cenotaphs

Details like the procession of Elephants in stone carved at the based of the Chattris and the Beautiful Natural Surroundings accentuate the beauty of this relatively unknown region of Rajasthan.

Previous blogs like RIP PRETTY ONE, THE HAUNTED and TRANQUILITY have somehow compelled my subconscious Brain to unveil these ROYAL CHAMBERS of Everlasting Peace.

Resting Chambers
Royal Chattris


Hear the Stories of Rajas and Maharajas ( Kings and Emperors) of a Time now long gone by, Once Upon a Time ….

forests cover time
The Forest have covered the Tracks of Time
held together by trees
Trees Upholding the Times Gone By
all fall down
Even the Mighty Trees are Felled by Time

The StoryTeller is taking a Break and and will return with all the Tales of the Royalty of Rajasthan. Till then be Enchanted by the Trees in the Forests.


I was Inspired , nay compelled, to post these pictures in response to a website posted by a fellow blogger.

The post had  River Banks made of concrete and I remember seeing similar landscaped River Fronts in many countries across the world.

All the pictures are of the River Chambal which flows through Central India.

The Reeds are home to numerous waterbirds which hide from Predators in the bushes.


Sunrays bounce of the surface of the River Chambal and make Natural Rocks and Cliffs Shimmer.

shimmering rocks

Kingfishers (Hint: the blue spot) , Large Egrets and Comorants find a home amongst Rocks and Natural Grass.


Can there be a more Enchanting River Bank ? Landscapers let the Urban Water Fronts not be Sealed in walls of Concrete , Robbing millions of their Natural Habitat.


To Fathom and soak in the Majestic Landscape of the Great Canyons of India formed by the River Chambal over Time Immemorial travel with me on a Boat and View the following posts: “Cursed yet Enchanting River”, “Great Canyons of India”, “White as Snow”, “Ghost Tree” and “Blue-Eyed Comorants”.

poop tree
Tree of Poop

An Enchanting View reminds of a movie titled “The Lost World “. Watch out for Gigantic Dinosaurs.

To see some of the inhabitants of these Glorious Rocky Ravines and Cliffs, do read previous blogs  titled ;“Coupled for Life”, “Salt and Pepper”,Egyptian Roost”, “On the Rocks” and “Over the Cliff”.

lost world
Spectacular Lost World

The glorious cobalt blue waters of the River Chambal provide a fabulous foreground to the mesmerizing landscape viewed from  the Blue Boat.

boat view 2
Setting out to discover the Wonders of Nature

Relax, Soak in the Sun and Enjoy an Enchanting  Ride through the spectacular Canyons of the Chambal in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh,  Central India.


Enchanting Entanglements in a Dense Forest in the Heart Of India.

dried forest
Dense Deciduous Forest

Leafless Branches and Twigs create twists and turns in this Forest in the terrain of the Cursed River Chambal.

Enchanting Entaglement

Flames of  the Forest add a tinge of colour to a Brown Deciduous Forest.

Dense Forest 1
Spot the Flames of the Forest

The Featured image is of the Gorgeous Flowering tree” Flame of the Forest”  or Palash ( do check a previous blog by the same title to know about this lovely Flowering Tree) .

Let us get Entangled  in this Magical Forest .


The River Chambal was cursed by a Lady Born from The Flames of A Fire ( Yagnaseni or Draupadi from the Epic Mahabharatha) . That is only one of the numerous fables and myths that hover over the Enchanting Terrain through which the river traverses.

A sharp eye will enable you to discern THE GHOST TREE in the picture below .

terrain of ghost tree
Eerie Habitat

Bhutia ( Marathi), The Ghost Tree ( English),Gum Karaya, Sterculia urens ( Scientific name) is a deciduous Tree native to India. 

All the leaves have been shed by The Indian Gum Tree revealing the pale White Bark which lends it the name Bhutia or GHOST TREE.

on the rocks
The Ghost Tree on the Rocks

This Ghostly looking tree is however extremely Useful not only to the Langurs that can be seen in the picture below, but also to Humans as they are the source of the much sought after “Gum Karaya”.

langurs on ghost tree
Even Ghost Trees are Home to Langurs

“Gum Karaya” is the natural alternative to Viagra and has a formidable reputation as an Aphrodisiac.

Be Enchanted and do read earlier posts titled RIVER CURSED YET ENCHANTING and OVER THE CLIFF.


The Eastern Great Egret ( English), Bagula ( Hindi), Ardea alba modesta ( Scientific Name) is the Ultimate in Patience.

Am sharing pictures of this Large Gorgeous All in White Bird spotted along the Banks and Rocky Canyons of the Chambal River ( Do read previous posts titled  RIVER CURSED YET ENCHANTED, OVER THE CLIFF, EGYPTIAN ROOST etc to know more about the region )

Patiently waiting amongst the Greens

The Large Egret and a bottle of beer. Do observe the Colour of the Beak is Black as opposed to Yellow in the pictures above.

Who had the Beer? 

Enchanting Post?