To Fathom and soak in the Majestic Landscape of the Great Canyons of India formed by the River Chambal over Time Immemorial travel with me on a Boat and View the following posts: “Cursed yet Enchanting River”, “Great Canyons of India”, “White as Snow”, “Ghost Tree” and “Blue-Eyed Comorants”.

poop tree
Tree of Poop

An Enchanting View reminds of a movie titled “The Lost World “. Watch out for Gigantic Dinosaurs.

To see some of the inhabitants of these Glorious Rocky Ravines and Cliffs, do read previous blogs  titled ;“Coupled for Life”, “Salt and Pepper”,Egyptian Roost”, “On the Rocks” and “Over the Cliff”.

lost world
Spectacular Lost World

The glorious cobalt blue waters of the River Chambal provide a fabulous foreground to the mesmerizing landscape viewed from  the Blue Boat.

boat view 2
Setting out to discover the Wonders of Nature

Relax, Soak in the Sun and Enjoy an Enchanting  Ride through the spectacular Canyons of the Chambal in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh,  Central India.


Enchanting Entanglements in a Dense Forest in the Heart Of India.

dried forest
Dense Deciduous Forest

Leafless Branches and Twigs create twists and turns in this Forest in the terrain of the Cursed River Chambal.

Enchanting Entaglement

Flames of  the Forest add a tinge of colour to a Brown Deciduous Forest.

Dense Forest 1
Spot the Flames of the Forest

The Featured image is of the Gorgeous Flowering tree” Flame of the Forest”  or Palash ( do check a previous blog by the same title to know about this lovely Flowering Tree) .

Let us get Entangled  in this Magical Forest .


The River Chambal was cursed by a Lady Born from The Flames of A Fire ( Yagnaseni or Draupadi from the Epic Mahabharatha) . That is only one of the numerous fables and myths that hover over the Enchanting Terrain through which the river traverses.

A sharp eye will enable you to discern THE GHOST TREE in the picture below .

terrain of ghost tree
Eerie Habitat

Bhutia ( Marathi), The Ghost Tree ( English),Gum Karaya, Sterculia urens ( Scientific name) is a deciduous Tree native to India. 

All the leaves have been shed by The Indian Gum Tree revealing the pale White Bark which lends it the name Bhutia or GHOST TREE.

on the rocks
The Ghost Tree on the Rocks

This Ghostly looking tree is however extremely Useful not only to the Langurs that can be seen in the picture below, but also to Humans as they are the source of the much sought after “Gum Karaya”.

langurs on ghost tree
Even Ghost Trees are Home to Langurs

“Gum Karaya” is the natural alternative to Viagra and has a formidable reputation as an Aphrodisiac.

Be Enchanted and do read earlier posts titled RIVER CURSED YET ENCHANTING and OVER THE CLIFF.


The Eastern Great Egret ( English), Bagula ( Hindi), Ardea alba modesta ( Scientific Name) is the Ultimate in Patience.

Am sharing pictures of this Large Gorgeous All in White Bird spotted along the Banks and Rocky Canyons of the Chambal River ( Do read previous posts titled  RIVER CURSED YET ENCHANTED, OVER THE CLIFF, EGYPTIAN ROOST etc to know more about the region )

Patiently waiting amongst the Greens

The Large Egret and a bottle of beer. Do observe the Colour of the Beak is Black as opposed to Yellow in the pictures above.

Who had the Beer? 

Enchanting Post?


Discovering a Pair of  Indian Eagle Owls ( English), Ullus ( Hindi), Bubo bengalensis ( Scientific Name) in their  Home in the Rocky Gorges of the Chambal River was an Enchanting Dream hard to forget.

The numerous Ledges, Caves and Clefts in the Rocky Ravines provide Enchanting and Natural Homes to a vast variety of Birds and Animals.( Do read previous posts OVER THE CLIFF, BLUE-EYED CORMORANTS and EGYPTIAN ROOSTS to know more about this gorgeous terrain in Central India)

Was mesmerized by the play of lights reflected onto the Rocky Cliffs looming over the pristine and clear water of the Chambal.

home of the owl
Dancing Lights of  River Chambal

When low and lo behold I see two ears moving over a mass of what appeared to be White Rocks ( do read an earlier post titled WHITE AS SNOW) .

Have a look at the marvelous First Sighting.

hidden amongst the rocks

Comfortable Perch Coated with Poop

The Ears suddenly developed two Deep Orange Eyes and a rather Cross looking Rock Eagle-Owl emerged from the White Rocky Ledge.

The Cameraman was now in the Cross-hairs of this perturbed and Cross Owl.

These Royal Owls or Ullus  are unique and native to the Indian sub-continent.

all alert
Aware of Visitors

Rising slightly  from THE ROYAL PERCH OF POOP , I was amazed to see this extremely Large Indian Eagle-Owl for the first time in the wild at such a close distance.

The Ears which had been spotted first are in fact characteristic “Tufts” of feathers .

While an Owl is considered a Wise Bird in most of Europe and USA, an Ullu is considered to be the equivalent of a Donkey ( Moron or Dimwitted ) in India.

royal roost
Rising from the Royal Throne of Poop

The featured picture has a protective Mr Indian Eagle-Owl close at hand on the Rocky Cliffs. The posture and manner of the Owl is very similar to an Eagle, is it not?

The Regal Couple kept me under a careful watch from their respective Posts on the Rocks during the duration I was taking these  Enchanting pictures.


Most Of India is Scorching with temperatures ranging  well over 40 degrees Centigrade ( 104 degrees Fahrenheit).

Am treating myself and all the readers to the Cool and Wonderful Splendour of the Himalayas while  The Indian Sub Contintent sizzles in preparation for the arrival of The Monsoons. ( translated for the uninitiated it means Bushels of Rains or the Rainy Season)

Presenting a Bouquet of the Splendour of Sun and Shadow in the Himalalyas.

hs 2
The  Willows add the touch of colour

The Grassland in the foreground adds to  the Beauty of the Snow Clad Mountains.

hs 3
Golden Grass 

Parched Indian Plains seek Dense Clouds laden with Moisture.

hs 4
Clouds over the Peaks

Where else will you find such an Enchanting Bouquet of Splendour but in Ladakh,India.


The DU-KHANG is the mystery that is shielded and protected by the SHEY PALACE.

The view from the Shey Monastery cum Shey Palace, once the capital of Ladakh.

eyes on stupa
A view of Stupa at Ground Level

The Highest  Stupa or Chorten in Ladakh is masked by the Shey Palace.

golden top
Golden Chorten Spire

The  DU-KHANG is  enshrined here and houses one of the largest  revered statues of Lord Buddha  in Gilded Gold in all of Ladakh.

Many folklores and fables of faith wrap this Gorgeous Statue of the Sakyamuni Buddha .

golden buddha
Lord Buddha Smiles

Do have a look at previous blogs titled“HIMLAYAN PALACE” &  “HOLY LAKE” as well.

The following Apt Mantra was shared by my dear friend Nia  from Turkey on reviewing the pictures and post.

“Oṃ muni muni mahāmuni śākyamuni svāhā, Om muni muni mahamuni shakyamuni svaha”


The Shey Palace, Shey, Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir, India.

through trees
Through a Screen of Poplars

Holds a Wonder.

stupa 1
Stupas and Prayer Flags

A Mysterious Wonder shielded by Royalty over Centuries.

shrey palace
The Palace

Be Glued on and of course, Enchanted, for the next post to discover the mystery behind the Shey Palace.


All the pictures of this Mystical  Monastery were taken from a Car near Leh in Ladakh in February during the Hemis Winter Festival.

The Foreground is of Leafless Willows.

wow 4
Glimpsed through Willows

Nestled between the Towering Himalayas and Rising in the midst of a Forest of Willows.

wow 2
The Monastery on the Hillock

A Closer Look reveals the Enchanting Monastery and Stupas  as well. ( observe the Cars on the Bottom Left in the picture below) .

Faith and Belief can lead Humanity to Create Magical Wonders even in extreme circumstances.

close up 2
The Monastery Complex Close Up

Ladakh located in the State of Jammu & Kashmir , India is a treasure of Enchanting Beauty.