I was Inspired , nay compelled, to post these pictures in response to a website posted by a fellow blogger.

The post had  River Banks made of concrete and I remember seeing similar landscaped River Fronts in many countries across the world.

All the pictures are of the River Chambal which flows through Central India.

The Reeds are home to numerous waterbirds which hide from Predators in the bushes.


Sunrays bounce of the surface of the River Chambal and make Natural Rocks and Cliffs Shimmer.

shimmering rocks

Kingfishers (Hint: the blue spot) , Large Egrets and Comorants find a home amongst Rocks and Natural Grass.


Can there be a more Enchanting River Bank ? Landscapers let the Urban Water Fronts not be Sealed in walls of Concrete , Robbing millions of their Natural Habitat.

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mukul chand

51 year old entrepreneur who has traveled extensively around the world for work and pleasure , is based in New Delhi, India. A passionate traveler born with a love for flora and fauna, is an active naturalist and amateur photographer. Here he shares his unique insight into Incredible India revealing its mysterious and exotic treasures. Writing from his heart he shares his experiences as he crisscrosses this vast and amazing land.


  1. yes,, these are very natural water fronts you show us. For many centuries in Germany also the rivers had been straightened and corrected with concrete and cast stones. But since about half a century they have been by and by re-naturalized. We have the natural river banks back and many animals returned to their natural habitat…

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  2. The uneven surfaces of the rock banks with their small and large nooks provide safe places for wildlife. Also, these uneven surfaces with the reeds and bushes can, if they are abundant, slow the flow of high waters much better than any smooth concrete wall.

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      1. Because it is so easy to make straight lines. But there is some change on the horizon as planners realize that they should either leave nature as it is or if it must be “managed”then to do it in a way that closely follows nature while meeting the needs of people.

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