I took these pictures while  we were being briefed on the HEMIS MONASTERY in Shrey, Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir, India.

However  this Smart Kitty took up a lot of my attention as it made itself comfortable in front of the heater in the room.

I know my friend from Turkey , Nia, loves Cats, so the pictures were taken with her at the back of my Head.


cat and carved table
Who is sitting on my Chair  asks Kitty ?


Cat and Heater
Nice Warm Spot 


all attention
All Attention as the door to the room is left Ajar

Oops sorry I lost the thread of what was being discussed as Smart Kitty had me Enchanted in Ladakh.


Watching The Sarus Cranes  (Scientific name Grus antigone) near Parsaul Village, Greater Noida, India  is a lovely Birding adventure my friend Hema and I have often taken . ( more will follow on the birds in subsequent blogs)

However while photographing Birds on the leafless tree we were witness to  an Amazing Play enacted by a Kitten, An Indian Palm Squirrel and a Kingfisher.

The Kitten and Squirrel are on the extreme Centre- Left in the picture below and  the Kingfisher is the Blue-Brown Spot in the centre.

the stage
The Stage in the Village

This Little Goliath is actually chasing  away the Kitten seen in the Fork of the Tree  in the Featured Image.

The Kitten had thought the Indian Squirrel (Scientific name Funambulus palmarum)  would be easy game, but was in for a Little Surprise.

the squirrel
Three Striped Palm Squirrel

The Striking Blue colour of the White Throated Kingfisher ( Scientific name Halcyon smyrnensis )  was what first caught my attention before I saw the Main Drama was actually being enacted on the Main Trunk of the Tree.

Kingfisher attentively watches the Drama unfold 

The Kitten beats a hasty retreat and Jumps onto the adjacent Village Wall  as the Little Goliath stoutly defends his Territory.

the squirrel and cat
Chasing away the Kitten

Kittens are curious by nature and this one is no exception as it looks at the Indian Palm Squirrel in Wonder.

cat on the wall
Kitten is Amazed at the size of the Little Warrior

My fellow blogger and now dear friend Nia is from Turkey and adores Cats. I posted this specially for her as the Cats near my house still elude my camera.

The Enchanting Real Life Drama brings a smile to my face as I recall the entire sequence even as I write this blog  sharing my entertaining experience.