The All seeing Eyes of Lord Buddha on a Stupa in Ladakh.

Interesting to note is the Crescent Moon a Symbol used by Tantrics in Hinduism or from Islam ?

All seeing Eyes 

The Tantric traditions of Tibetan Buddhism borrow the Trishul of Lord Shiva worshipped by Hindus.

The Trident

The  Fluttering Dragon Flag of the Drukpa Lineage of the Hemis Monastery at the 3 Idiot School  & Hemis Nunnery during the Winter Festival in Shey , Ladakh.

The Willows have shed their leaves in Winter  when temperatures call fall to – 25. C

Flying Dragon

This is in continuation of the post yesterday titled HIMALAYAN SYMBOLS.

The Enchanting Colourful Prayer Flags are all over and are in sharp contrast to the Beautiful but Arid High Altitude Desert that is Ladakh. ( the featured image says this better than my words) 


Ladakh  ( numerous blogs from FEB/MARCH 2016 will reveal more) is an unusual and Wondrous Region in the lap of The Himalayas in Jammu & Kashmir, India.

However here I am focusing on one Symbol in particular which you will see strike you between your eyes repeatedly in Buddhist Ladakh.

This was hand painted on the Wall of the Dining Room of a Hotel in Leh, Ladakh.

Symbols from Nature around a Chakra

The “Dharam Chakra” is seen again on a Curtain in the Hemis Monastery  ( see earlier blogs on the Monastery) in the main courtyard. Do notice the Wheel or Chakra always has Eight Spokes.

In Black & White

The featured image is a zoom in of the top of the gate which welcomes you to the “3 Idiot School” ( do see an earlier blog on the school to know more)  in Shey, Ladakh. The Chakra is held  aloft between Two Mighty Dragons.

What do the symbols signify, what is the message they convey to you ?  Three pictures, three depictions , three different locations and three different materials, yet the Symbol is Constant.

A subsequent blog will reveal more symbols seen along with the spectacular terrain of Ladakh.


The DU-KHANG is the mystery that is shielded and protected by the SHEY PALACE.

The view from the Shey Monastery cum Shey Palace, once the capital of Ladakh.

eyes on stupa
A view of Stupa at Ground Level

The Highest  Stupa or Chorten in Ladakh is masked by the Shey Palace.

golden top
Golden Chorten Spire

The  DU-KHANG is  enshrined here and houses one of the largest  revered statues of Lord Buddha  in Gilded Gold in all of Ladakh.

Many folklores and fables of faith wrap this Gorgeous Statue of the Sakyamuni Buddha .

golden buddha
Lord Buddha Smiles

Do have a look at previous blogs titled“HIMLAYAN PALACE” &  “HOLY LAKE” as well.

The following Apt Mantra was shared by my dear friend Nia  from Turkey on reviewing the pictures and post.

“Oṃ muni muni mahāmuni śākyamuni svāhā, Om muni muni mahamuni shakyamuni svaha”


The Shey Palace, Shey, Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir, India.

through trees
Through a Screen of Poplars

Holds a Wonder.

stupa 1
Stupas and Prayer Flags

A Mysterious Wonder shielded by Royalty over Centuries.

shrey palace
The Palace

Be Glued on and of course, Enchanted, for the next post to discover the mystery behind the Shey Palace.


All the pictures of this Mystical  Monastery were taken from a Car near Leh in Ladakh in February during the Hemis Winter Festival.

The Foreground is of Leafless Willows.

wow 4
Glimpsed through Willows

Nestled between the Towering Himalayas and Rising in the midst of a Forest of Willows.

wow 2
The Monastery on the Hillock

A Closer Look reveals the Enchanting Monastery and Stupas  as well. ( observe the Cars on the Bottom Left in the picture below) .

Faith and Belief can lead Humanity to Create Magical Wonders even in extreme circumstances.

close up 2
The Monastery Complex Close Up

Ladakh located in the State of Jammu & Kashmir , India is a treasure of Enchanting Beauty.


The Himalayas, The River Indus and Ladakh. Need I say more.

A Splendid combination to be Spellbound.

An Avenue of “Leafless Poplars” ( do check out a previous blog by this title)  leads to the “Buddhist Bridge” over the River Indus.

road to the bridge
Road to the Bridge

The Mighty Himalayas  look upon this quaint Bridge over the River Indus.

the bridge over the indus
The “Buddhist” Bridge

A Bounty of Prayer Flags compelled me to name this Quaint Bridge, “The Buddhist Bridge”

the buddhist bridge
Blessed by Buddhist Prayer Flags

An earlier post titled “ORIGIN OF INDIA” reveals some secrets around this mighty River which Originates from the Glaciers of Tibet.

the indus from the bridge
Behold the Majestic  Indus



I remember reading a story as a Child of a Princess who turned Hay into Gold.

I was witness to the Winter Sun in Ladakh playing Alchemist and converting  the Gorgeous Grasslands into Fields of Himalayan Gold.

As often mentioned in previous posts Ladakh is a Cold Desert which very little Rain, Very low temperatures , Low Oxygen levels and a Very High Intensity of Infrared and Ultraviolet rays from the Sun.

grasslands of the Himalayas
The Grass turns to Gold

Grasslands merge with Plantations of Willows and Poplars in the Lap of the Snow Clad Himalayas near the Hemis Monastery , Ladakh.

In the picture below the grass resembles a species called Himalayan Fountain Grass, but am not certain and am even pulling back from giving the botanical name. A fellow blogger did thank me for a Botanical Lesson.( was it a sarcastic comment, I cannot be certain)

Which these posts are far from, I am simply sharing some facts about the Treasures of Nature which  are discovered as I visit these unusual regions .

bending in the wind
Bending under the will of the Mountain Wind

A closer look reveals Feathered fronds Shimmering  with the Touch of the Golden Unfiltered Rays of the Sun.

shimmering grass
Shimmering Gold

The road from Leh to the Hemis Monastery is lined with New Plantations Of young Willows which turn into a marvelous Crimson contrasting beautifully  with Golden Grass.

gold and himalayas
Tree Plantations in the Lap of the Himalayas

Nature buries secrets everywhere, all we have to do is read the Clues.

Follow the Roads of Enchanting Beauty.


Ladakh, The Himalayas and Snow leave me Speechless.

Pictures taken near the Hemis Monastery , Ladakh, India at an altitude of 13000 feet above Sea Level ( 3962 metres) .

The unusual High Altitude Desert of Ladakh can give you a Sunstroke and Frostbite at the same time.

closer to the mountains
Snow White
snow in every pothole
Arid Desert Landscape in Ladakh
football field
Football field of Snow and Rocks

Am cooling off looking at these pictures as temperatures climb to a maximum of 40 degrees Centigrade in New Delhi as I pen this post.


Be Enchanted with the pictures taken from the Shrey Palace near Leh, Ladakh which houses a larger than Life Statue of a Golden Lord Buddha.

Shall I say through the Eyes of the Lord Himself.

vista far and beyond
Poplars ,Willows and The Himalayas


stony peak
Stony Peak
A lonely Heron and Egret
Sky Blue  Holy Lake, A Heron and Grasslands
beauty abounds
Breathtaking View from the Shrey Palace