Life in a Desert truly makes you realize that many creatures would  not survive without the assistance of Trees.

Trees in turn have adapted in an enchanting way to their habitat in the deserts where water is scarce and difficult to come by.

All the pictures below were around  a village called Ranasir located in Rajasthan near the town of  Phalodi.

The cool green  leaves of a tree provide the House Sparrow (English), Chirayia ( Hindi) , Passer domesticus ( Scientific Name) comfort against the blistering heat of the Desert.

House Sparrow
Snuggled amongst leaves

Do read my  article CHRISTMAS IN THE DESERT to know about the KER or Caper Berry Tree /shrub which provides shelter and food to the Gazelle ( do read the post AN ENCHANTING OASIS)  in the picture below.

The shrub near the hindlegs of the Chinkara or Gazelle belongs to the Pea family and the Genus Crotalaria of which I will write about later as well.

gazelle and caper berries
An Indian Gazelle spotted eating Ker berries.

Camels or the Ships of the Desert love the leaves and fruits of the Khejri ( Hindi) , Ghaf ( Arabic) , Prosopis cineraria ( Scientific name) trees which dot the desert landscape of the region.

I have been wanting to write a blog on this omnipresent Tree of Rajasthan but have not been able to do so till date.

trees and life
Camels love the leaves and fruits ( Sangri) of the Khejri Tree

The featured image is a hut made by the villagers of Ranasir  from dried  branches of the Milkweed and other shrubs/trees of the desert .

I chose it as the Featured Image as it perfectly symbolizes the Lifeline that Trees provide to all including Man (Scientific name  Homo Sapiens).





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