Please check out the blog preceding this on the  Flehman response.You will realize I was getting late and was in a hurry.

I was rushing for lunch to my ” Wildlife Comrade”  and  buddy Hema’s house. Had just stepped out when I saw a brief command  on my mobile, : “Bring your Camera”.

I ran back , grabbed the camera and literally threw  it inside the car.

The pictures that follow are entirely due to  this “last minute” command. Was it a mere coincidence? 

Picture that follows is straight off the camera and was taken near the flyover at the Hauz Khas Metro, New Delhi 

                                  Through the windshield of the car

As I was driving, the pictures were taken by  dear friend  Dr Richard Frazier . Was it a mere coincidence, that my dear friends Richard and  Catherine were travelling with me and that I had my camera.

Picture taken through the windshield
Rhesus Monkeys as  pillion riders

This is an extremely unusual sight even in Incredible India. A coincidence?

Do observe the monkey is holding onto the driver of the motorcycle.

Pressed the accelerator for a closer look
                                  Pressed the accelerator for a closer look

WE were really fortunate that New Delhi is unusually warm at 39 C. The hot weather compelled the monkeys to stop for a glass of water. Another element in the sequence of  coincidences?

The script in blue in the background of the featured image reads“Cold Water”, Rupees 2 per Glass.

A glass of Cold Water
                                                     A glass of Cold Water

 These  Rhesus Macaques (Macaca mulatta),or in  common parlance monkeys were “coincidentally” the pillion riders on this motorcycle spotted on the busy RING ROAD  in the metropolis of New Delhi.