A mere three hours by train ( August Kranti from Nizamuddin to Sawai Madhopur) from New Delhi and you reach one of the most Enchanting and mesmerizing forests of  India.: Ranthambore Tiger National Park, Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan.

Ranthambore Tiger National Park has a high density of Tigers and an extremely dry deciduous forest.This  Wonderful combination almost  ensures sighting a Tiger ( English), Sher ( Hindi), Panthera tigris ( Scientific name) .

dry forest
Dry Deciduous Forest in the Month of May ( Peak Summer Month)

It is home to the famous 19 year old  Diva “Macchli” and the  Majestic Hunk  “Ustaad”.

Ustaad was unfortunately shifted to  Sajjangarh, near Udaipur after being  labelled a man eater under mysterious and controversial circumstances in May 2015.

eyes of the Tiger
The Eyes of the Tiger

The forests of Ranthambore  are nestled in the Aravalli range of mountains . The trees are adapted to the dry environment and thus relatively stunted and with smaller leaves.

The “MAGIC” of Ranthambore is the mix of History with the Forest.The Ranthambore Fort built centuries ago is today in the heart of Tiger Country.

Where else can you see Tigers in a Fort or a Palace ,now in ruins, overrun with Banyan trees.

The forest has numerous Hunting Palaces from an era gone by and is also home to a massive Ranthambore Fort.

ranthambore fort and forest
The Ramparts of the Fort in the midst of deciduous  Forest

It is also home to an unusual temple dedicated to the Elephant headed Lord Ganesha.

To date Wedding cards in Rajasthan are first addressed to the ruling deity Lord Ganesha whose blessings are a must for an auspicious start.

the road to the temple
The Lake outside the Ganesh Temple within the Ranthambore Fort

There is also a unique Hanuman ( Balaji)  temple in the midst of the “river of sorrow” , the Chambal. One bank of the river is Rajasthan and the other Madhya Pradesh.

the hanuman temple
An Open Temple in Ranthambore Fort dedicated to  Hanumanji

The flora and fauna at Ranthambore is spectacular and indeed unique.

For residents of Delhi, a walk through the Aravalli Biodiversity Park is a must before you visit Ranthambore. You can then compare an Urban Forest to a Forest of the King.

flora and fauna

What say, would you like to learn about the Flora and Fauna  of the Aravallis? Let us discover the magic together.

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