I had given a mere glimpse of this incredible and relatively unknown beauty set in Rural Karnataka near Mysore in India in an earlier blog titled WATER IS LIFE.

This is the region irrigated by the Mythical and Revered River of Southern India, River Kaveri.

Behold and see Nature set in Stone in The Keshava Temple , Somnathapura, Karnataka, India.

Ancient Majesty

The Signature Architecture of the Hoysala Dynasty who ruled over 1200 years ago, are the Rolling Pillars you see in the picture below.

Rolling Pillars 

Nature set in Stone surrounds each deity of the temple both inside and outside.

Nature in Stone

Do observe the rich greenery including the Sky reaching Coconut Trees that encompass this overpowering and magical temple set  in Stone.



The beautiful Kaveri ( or Cauvery) river originates from the Hills of Karnataka near Mysore  and culminates into the Bay of Bengal after traversing through the state of  Tamil Nadu.

All the lands it touches transform into  a wonderful hue of Green and natural beauty and it is no wonder it is also referred to as the Ganges of the South.

Kaveri or Cauvery River

The aqueduct you see in this picture close to the city of Mysore carries the precious waters of the Kaveri River and was originally built in the 17th century by the Wodeyar rulers of Mysore.

You can the Splendid natural  greenery  even though the Life Giving Waters flow over Treetops.


The Aquaduct

The waters of the Kaveri river are currently the centre of a huge controversy between the two states it traverses.

The surroundings of the Ancient  12th century Keshava Temple at Somnathpur  are kept green by the life giving waters of The River Kaveri.

Water Sprinklers at the Keshava Temple

The landscape in this region is absolutely Divine and previous blogs have given you glimpses of the natural beauty.

Future blogs will take you inside this breathtaking temple sculpted entirely from stone and showcase the Dusshera Festival celebrations inside the Mysore Palace, Karnataka, India.


This splendid display of Nature was captured from a Bridge that stretched over the Kaveri River near Srirangapatnam, Karnataka, India.

The Sky reaching  Gopuram or Doorway of the Sri Nishambha Temple at Ganjam seems dwarfed by a cover of Trees . Can u spot it in the picture below?


As we approached the boon granting Sri Nishambha Temple the Glorious facade appears from a Cover of Green.

The Magnificence of Nature amplified the aura of the temple by leaps and bounds.

What a setting , it is simply awesome.

( an earlier blog titled ENCHANTINGLY DIVINE will assist you in connecting the dots)


A Screen of  Green Leaves shimmer in the Winter Sun as the Gopuram ( a signature feature of Temples in Southern India)  looms in the background.


Am smitten by the glorious Natural feast spread out for all who wish to see it’s Enchanting beauty and splendour.


Thousands of kilometres to the South of Kashi ( Varanasi) lies one of the most Enchanting & Pristine surroundings I have seen in recent memory.

The Nimishamba Temple near Srirangapatnam, Karnataka, India  is located on the banks of the Cauvery ( or Kaveri ) River . The importance of the temple was enhanced manifold for me personally as I broke my 9 (Nine) day Navratri fast within these Enchantingly beautiful surroundings.

These Nine Days are followed by the festival Dusshera in Northern India and Ayudha Puja ( check out a previous blog titled FLORAL EXTRAVAGANZA) in Karanataka in Southern India.

The Picture below is on the Ghats or Banks of the Cauvery River , also the connect to my ongoing posts on Kashi ( titled BLISS IN KASHI etc..) which is located thousands of kilometers away on the banks of the Ganges River.

The Goddess on the Banks of the Cauvery River

Live Music played in the background and delicious Tamarind Rice was served to all  pilgrims who visited the much revered Temple dedicated to a Powerful Incarnation of Goddess Durga.

Goddess Durga is the consort of Lord Shiva and 9 ( Nine) manifestations or Avatars of the Goddess are worshiped for Nine Nights during the Navratras.

Mother Nature is but a manifestation of the Goddess and this location was entirely wrapped in loads of Natural beauty.

The Nimishamba Temple Ghats

A fellow blogger asked me yesterday if I had blogged on the Navratras yesterday and shamefully  I could not recall anything. I will do so now on each manifestation of the Goddess as  I traverse this wonderous land.

This blog is thanks to her comment and the wonderous way that things connect in our lives and lead to something Glorious. I term it as ENCHANTINGLY DIVINE or the Will of God.

Am sharing the Spendid and Divine surroundings of this much Revered Temple located near Bangalore.

Enchanting Nature

The Towering Trees ,  Mountains reaching to the Clouds above and the pristine blue waters of the much revered River Cauvery  speak of the Wonders of Nature in the picture above.

The Round Coracal boats and fishermen add to the beauty of  the picture.

Enchanting Forests is all about Nature and thus intrinsically linked to the Divine.


Am leaving with you these amazing pictures from the Indian State of Karnataka.

There are many common threads which string the pictures to Enchanted Forests but will leave them for you to decipher.

This post will have thus have no inputs from me and I will eagerly await to read what people see and what they miss.

Bedecked with Flowers
Balloons, Flowers and Banana Leaves
Over the Top
Offerings with Flowers

Were you as Enchanted as I was as well ?


Karanataka is a Large South Indian State which is home to a large number of Enormous and fascinating Tamarind  ( English) Trees, Imli ( Hindi), Tamarindus indica.

The English and Botanical  name Tamarind has it’s origins in Arabic and literally translates to “Dates of Hind” ( tamar-e-hind)  (  India is referred to as Hind in the Arab World) .

Despite the certification by Botanists, it is interesting to note that the Tamarind  Tree actually has its origins in the African Continent and  not the Indian subcontinent.

The following picture was taken outside the Sriranganathaswamy temple, in the historical capital city of Tipu Sultan, Srirangapatnam.

The Moon over Tamarind Trees

It is interesting to learn that the Tamarindus indica belongs to the Pea family Fabaceae. ( see the fruits and see the resemblance)

All the trees near Bangalore were laden with the leguminous fruits which form an integral part of South Indian cuisine.

The  Tamarind trees are very large  and grow to over   30 metres or 100 feet in this region. The following picture is of a tree which towers over a Siva Cave temple on the Chandi Hills and seems to touch the clouds above.

Delicious Imlis against a cover of Clouds

The Bean Like Brown fruits called Tamarind in English or Imli in Hindi are a rich source of Amino acids, Vitamin C and Tartaric Acid and form the base of many curries and chutneys in Indian cuisine.

This fruit laden tree was spotted on the banks of the Kaveri River, the waters of which are the basis of many controversies in recent times.

Sunlit Tamarinds

The Fruits are extremely sour and are used to make many delicious sweet and sour candies as well.

The entire Imli Tree; fruits, seeds , leaves and bark have innumerable Medical applications which I am not attempting to enlist.

Cluster of Tamarinds

Next time you are in this region do look up and you could be Enchanted by  the small and  pretty Pink & White flowers as well.