The mere mention of the  Ravines of Chambal would send a shiver down the spine of those acquainted with the terrain and the infamous reputation that goes along with it.

Have mentioned the CURSED  CHAMBAL RIVER, in previous posts and would request the readers to check them to familiarize themselves with the region.

During the BIRD FESTIVAL ( do read previous posts, the titles of which are a bit fuzzy) held in the CHAMBAL Riverine Sanctuary in December 2016 we did spot many abodes or burrows of Dacoits who once Ruled this Area.

Have a look at the Chambal Terrain in the picture below.It was very foggy and misty and the picture reflects that to some extent.

The Mud Ravines of Chambal

While we were being shown the abode of an Infamous Dacoit in the Muddy Ravines, we saw the abode of a feathered friend as well, a Solitary Spotted Owlet ( English), Ullu ( Hindi), Athene brahma ( Scientific name).

Can you spot the Owlet at the doorway of his Home of Earth ?

Doorway to the “Cave  Home” of an Infamous Dacoit

It has been over a month since I penned my last Post or Blog and am delighted to be Home and at the Desk once again. feel rusted though and the words do not flow so easily, forgive me please.

The Dacoits have long gone, and now buried in the pages of history, but my alert  feathered friend carefully checks out all visitors to his EARTH HOME.

A Lucky View

Naturally I was riveted by the Owlet and forgot all about the Dacoits .

I was as I say “Enchanted”.






BIRDS & THE NUMBER THREE is an earlier blog which unravels the frequent movement between three locations , all of which are located on the banks of Rivers.

The Chambal River Sanctuary was the site selected for a Bird Festival ( do check out a blog so titled) and the pictures that follow were a result of a Boat Safari during the days of the Festival .

Deadly Dacoits once infested this region which spans a vast region between three states of Northern India.

The Chambal Region near Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India is well known for its Mud Ravines which can be seen in the picture below as they descend on the banks of the River Chambal. ( do read the series on THE RIVER CURSED to know about the river).

Deceptive Tranquil waters of The Chambal River

On a closer look at the muddy embankments you can discern numerous caves or holes , some of which have an untidy assembly of dried twigs and branches.

The soft muddy ravines are relatively easy to burrow into and were once homes to Dacoits as well.

It was the watchful eye of the Boatman who pointed out the deadly tail of a baby Crocodile as it was entering one such Cave.Am sure you can spot the Baby Croc in the picture below ?

Crocodile Nest

The Mother Crocodile lurks close by in the Lush green and keeps a careful eye so no harm crosses the Path of it’s Brood.

The Watchful Eye of Mama Croc

The featured image is a Zoom in to show the deadly Teeth of this Stealthy and Versatile Predator which rules the Chambal River.

WATER IS LIFE ( the previous blog) was on the revered River Kaveri , but the title holds true for the diverse and Enchanting Life seen in the Chambal River as well.

Keep reading for more…..