Pictures were taken from the ramparts of the 16th Century Shrey Royal Palace which is also home to a Glorious Temple Dedicated to Lord Buddha.

The Lake is a sanctuary for all Living Beings and considered Holy by all Buddhists as the Shrine which overlooks this beautiful Lake enshrines the DU-KHANG with a towering Copper Guilded statue of Lord Buddha. ( watch for the post at http://www.travelwithmukul.wordpress.com) .

Located on a Hillock ,15 km from Leh along the River Indus ( do read an earlier blog titled ORIGIN of INDIA) is this awesome Lake at the footsteps of the DU-KHANG.

another view
Poplars and Willows mark the boundaries of the Sky Blue Waters of the Lake

The Winters do not spare even the Holy Lake and large tracts are Frozen and covered with Snow.

Do spot the Solitary Heron and Crane in the midst of the Icy Waters in the picture below.

frozan stiff
Spellbinding View in the Lap of the Himalayas

The Holy Lake is a High Altitude Wetland and home to a vast species of Birds, many of which are native to the Tibetan Plateau and Central Asia as well.

The  beautiful Mallard ( English) or Wild Ducks , Anas platyrynchos ( Scientific Name) were photographed swimming in the Blue Waters of the Holy Lake from the  Royal Shrey Palace.

Green Headed
The Green Heads of the Male Mallards shimmer in the Sun.

The Wild Ducks spread their Wings without fear as they are protected from Hunters in the Holy Lake.

ducks 2
Sun Bathing 

The view from Monasteries and Temples is Spellbinding and you can remain rooted at one place as you soak in the Enchanting 360 degree Landscape in the Valley of Leh, Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir, India.