The mind wanders and has no boundaries and the posts seem to be moving with my thoughts from one place to another, in free abandon.

Yet I am not crazy as Enchanting memories link the posts  which I share with you.

Spotted this group of Ducks at the Oldest Ghat of Ancient Kashi on the banks of the Holy Ganges.

Harishchandra Ghat is one of the two auspicious locations at Varanasi where cremations take place to date in the quest for freedom from the Life cycle of Birth & Death.

Obviously the Ducks in the picture below are unaware of this as they saunter along the banks of the Ganges River at Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India. ( reading earlier blogs titled BLISS IN KASHI , INVOLUNTARY DIP in KASHI etc would help you pick up the threads and coonect to the location)


This Group Reflects on what step to take next as the river seems Vast and the other Shore is Miles away.

“Clean & Pure Ganga” is inscribed in Hindi on the boat below.

I took these pictures while I walked back from Assi Ghat to Dharbhanga Ghat after my INVOLUNTARY DIP ( do read this blog so titled ) in the Ganges.


This Group decides to SunBathe instead of Swim even while the fifth member of the Group is testing the waters down below.

You can see the Duck on the extreme right turn his head and look at the fifth duck of this group who is down below and not visible in the picture.


The Featured Image reflects the anxiety of two of the Ducks as they look below at their companion who has parted ways.

Were it not for the INVOLUNTARY DIP and my clothes which were drenched I would perhaps not have walked back and thus missed this Enchanting Group of Ducks at the Harishchandra Ghat in Kashi.


Thousands of kilometres to the South of Kashi ( Varanasi) lies one of the most Enchanting & Pristine surroundings I have seen in recent memory.

The Nimishamba Temple near Srirangapatnam, Karnataka, India  is located on the banks of the Cauvery ( or Kaveri ) River . The importance of the temple was enhanced manifold for me personally as I broke my 9 (Nine) day Navratri fast within these Enchantingly beautiful surroundings.

These Nine Days are followed by the festival Dusshera in Northern India and Ayudha Puja ( check out a previous blog titled FLORAL EXTRAVAGANZA) in Karanataka in Southern India.

The Picture below is on the Ghats or Banks of the Cauvery River , also the connect to my ongoing posts on Kashi ( titled BLISS IN KASHI etc..) which is located thousands of kilometers away on the banks of the Ganges River.

The Goddess on the Banks of the Cauvery River

Live Music played in the background and delicious Tamarind Rice was served to all  pilgrims who visited the much revered Temple dedicated to a Powerful Incarnation of Goddess Durga.

Goddess Durga is the consort of Lord Shiva and 9 ( Nine) manifestations or Avatars of the Goddess are worshiped for Nine Nights during the Navratras.

Mother Nature is but a manifestation of the Goddess and this location was entirely wrapped in loads of Natural beauty.

The Nimishamba Temple Ghats

A fellow blogger asked me yesterday if I had blogged on the Navratras yesterday and shamefully  I could not recall anything. I will do so now on each manifestation of the Goddess as  I traverse this wonderous land.

This blog is thanks to her comment and the wonderous way that things connect in our lives and lead to something Glorious. I term it as ENCHANTINGLY DIVINE or the Will of God.

Am sharing the Spendid and Divine surroundings of this much Revered Temple located near Bangalore.

Enchanting Nature

The Towering Trees ,  Mountains reaching to the Clouds above and the pristine blue waters of the much revered River Cauvery  speak of the Wonders of Nature in the picture above.

The Round Coracal boats and fishermen add to the beauty of  the picture.

Enchanting Forests is all about Nature and thus intrinsically linked to the Divine.


The Ancient city of Kashi, the oldest living city of the World has a dark underbelly as well. ( trust you have read and seen the previous posts BLISS IN KASHI etc to know where this city is located etc.)

Kashi is the Holy city of Lord Shiva who is depicted with the King of the King Cobras wrapped around his neck.

I believe is from this depiction that Snakes and in particular the King Cobra ( do read a blog from the past titled THE KING & I) is revered as they are believed to possess many magical properties.

The King in a Spot

Snakes are captured, kept in terracotta pots and displayed on beds of Uncooked Rice so that the faithful who throng this Holy City shower money on them in the belief the Ruling deity of Kashi Lord Shiva will be pleased.

While the Kings is cuddled up in the pot another species is displayed in the picture below . Some money can be seen in the photograph as well, along with the toes of the cross-legged trapper.

Captured in a Pot

Am no expert on Reptiles and Snakes in particular but I think this is a juvenile Python.

It is Illegal in India to capture and rear any animal from the Wild under the Wild Life Act of 1972, yet I have seen this unethical and cruel practice go unchecked across the country.

Potato and Python served on a Bed of Rice

The pictures were taken near the most prominent location in Varanasi, THE DASHWAMEDH GHAT where millions throng daily to witness the Ganga Aarti.

I hope that someone who can end this malpractice, reads this post on Enchanted Forests and takes appropriate action.

Alas, till then the KING and his people will continue to be oppressed by the likes of Mr. BLUE NAILS ( do see the featured image) and be their bread winners.