The Ancient city of Kashi, the oldest living city of the World has a dark underbelly as well. ( trust you have read and seen the previous posts BLISS IN KASHI etc to know where this city is located etc.)

Kashi is the Holy city of Lord Shiva who is depicted with the King of the King Cobras wrapped around his neck.

I believe is from this depiction that Snakes and in particular the King Cobra ( do read a blog from the past titled THE KING & I) is revered as they are believed to possess many magical properties.

The King in a Spot

Snakes are captured, kept in terracotta pots and displayed on beds of Uncooked Rice so that the faithful who throng this Holy City shower money on them in the belief the Ruling deity of Kashi Lord Shiva will be pleased.

While the Kings is cuddled up in the pot another species is displayed in the picture below . Some money can be seen in the photograph as well, along with the toes of the cross-legged trapper.

Captured in a Pot

Am no expert on Reptiles and Snakes in particular but I think this is a juvenile Python.

It is Illegal in India to capture and rear any animal from the Wild under the Wild Life Act of 1972, yet I have seen this unethical and cruel practice go unchecked across the country.

Potato and Python served on a Bed of Rice

The pictures were taken near the most prominent location in Varanasi, THE DASHWAMEDH GHAT where millions throng daily to witness the Ganga Aarti.

I hope that someone who can end this malpractice, reads this post on Enchanted Forests and takes appropriate action.

Alas, till then the KING and his people will continue to be oppressed by the likes of Mr. BLUE NAILS ( do see the featured image) and be their bread winners.


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mukul chand

51 year old entrepreneur who has traveled extensively around the world for work and pleasure , is based in New Delhi, India. A passionate traveler born with a love for flora and fauna, is an active naturalist and amateur photographer. Here he shares his unique insight into Incredible India revealing its mysterious and exotic treasures. Writing from his heart he shares his experiences as he crisscrosses this vast and amazing land.

32 thoughts on “SUPPRESSED IN KASHI”

    1. Thank you. The Bears issue has been capped as far as i am aware. there are many Organizations which have ensured the Bear trappers get work and the bears are rescued to key centres one of which I have visited last year.

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      1. That’s so sad, though I don’t particularly like snakes, I think every animal should be left to go on with his/her business without having their life or freedom threatened. Cause from what I know, snakes attract when they feel threatened and endangered so please do leave them alone.

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  1. The powers of laws are often surpassed by long-standing cultural traditions. I do hope that concern for the autonomy and survival for snakes in the wild eventually triumphs in this case, however. As a child I was fascinated by king cobras, and I don’t like to see them subjugated in this way.

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  2. Very informative – and totally agree with you.

    India also needs to better protect the last remaining colony of wild Asiatic lions that are to be found here in Gujarat. The four lions of Ashoka are India’s national emblem and are found on very single Indian bank note and passport, yet India is failing these magnificent beasts.

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    1. Thank you for your wise words and visit to the blog.I have recently returned from a bird festival near Agra and to my horror have learnt that India shares the honours for being home to the largest number of bird species that are marked endangered or extinct.


  3. Beautiful Snaps and a very thought provoking blog….Got me all hissed up 🙂

    Snakes have always found prominence amongst all religions…They possess a hypnotic and mesmerising aura, and are symbolically connected to the Hidden Energy (kundalini/knowledge/wisdom) in each human on a subtler plane.

    But then human rituals knows no end… And it is always much more easy to pay respect on the outside, be it snakes, animals or Gods…than to imbibe and absorb the qualities the symbols depict within….

    All animals belong to the wild. Full Stop. Hope Mankind soon grows out of the fear psychosis that has apparently gripped them…

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  4. These people get a bad rap, but most of the damage to snakes comes from high end society, that eat industrial food, and promote industrial agriculture, or drive expensive cars, that cause habitat destruction and removes safe spaces for snakes in the farms. At least these people help reduce fear of snakes. They may also be either immune to snake poison or have herbal antidotes. Laws are simplistic, and they have only made people more fearful of snakes, by eliminating snake charmers, and preventing people from getting close to snakes.

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  5. I saw a documentary once about how snakes are captured. Made me feel sick. It wasn’t even found in some city and taken to some other location. People went in the jungle, found it, trapped it and caged it.
    It is inhuman, to say the least.

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