The Himalayan State of Sikkim, India  is undoubtedly the place to visit if you are mesmerized by Orchids.

The pictures  that follow are of Enchanting Orchids wearing a “Slipper”, but like Cinderalla only a single slipper.

The featured image and the picture that follows are of a Species of Orchid, Native to North East India. The scientific name is Slippery and a tongue twister as well Paphiopedilum hirsuttissimum.

These gorgeous Orchids were seen at the touristic but lovely Flower Centre, Gangtok, Sikkim.

( my friend and blogger (” themishmash” ) Priyanka was coincidentally and unknowingly there during the same time and has lovely pictures of a vast range of flowers besides Orchids as well)

slipperis close up
Lady Slipper Orchids

I have learnt these Orchids are  classified as “Symbodial”  Orchids and the Pitcher Like  or Lady Slipper LikePouch is designed to ensure nectar seeking Insects Pollinate the beautiful flowers.

The two pictures that follow were taken in a Treasure trove of Orchids not known to many ( especially my dear friend Priyanka) called the “Hidden Forest” in Gangtok itself.

The Labellum or Pouch clearly reveal they are from the  genus Paphiopedilum subfamily Cypripedioideae and family Orchidaceae.

However I have no idea what species they are, but I  am guessing  they are cultivars or Hybrid Orchids. ( the Owl has closed his eyes and is most unhelpful as well)

pitcher orchid
A Lemon Green Lady Slipper

Another species or a mature version of the above, am clueless. However both looked wonderful in the Dining Room at THE HIDDEN FOREST homestay in Gangtok.

I am taking a wide swing it as it resembles the Paphiopedilum superbiens.

pitcher orchid two
Another Colour of a Lady Slipper

Orchids are spellbinding , mystical and somewhat Alien looking , are they not? The Venus Slipper Orchids even more so   than other ( as the name suggests) family members of The Orchid Family.

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