Am certain many have seen these beautiful Poppies growing Wild in Wastelands.

They are Native to Mexico but have acclimatized themselves to India and can be seen even growing in Urban Rubble which supports  limited or No Flora.It is a weed seen often growing on Wastelands.

The Mexican Prickly Poppy ( English), Satyanashi ( Hindi) , Argemone mexicana ( Scientific name)  is a poisonous Herb which belongs to the Poppy family Papaveraceae.

the plant
Plant of the Mexican Prickly Poppy

The flowers are Beautiful and bear a strong resemble to the Opium Bearing Poppy Plant which is a member of the same family.

Do see the Seed bearing Capsules on the right.

mexican poppy
Prickly Leaves protect from Cattle

The Native name in Hindi Satyanashi literally translated means The Terminator and once again illustrates the Wonder of Local names.

Argemone mexicana is laden with toxins which can poison both Humans and Cattle.

the bud
Thorns on the Leaves and Buds as well

The Satyanashi Herb releases a Yellow Sap which contains alkaloids which can cause hallucinations much like Opium.Thy are as mentioned above, members of the same Poppy family.

These beautiful flowers are adorned like a crown by this Toxic Weed which infests crops across the country.

These pictures were taken in an Aubergine Field near Ajmer in Rajasthan.

top view
The  Beautiful Canary Yellow Blossom

However the alkaloids derived from the plant though toxic have various Medical Uses as well if used carefully by trained experts.

Looking carefully at Weeds  was Enchanting, is it not?


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mukul chand

51 year old entrepreneur who has traveled extensively around the world for work and pleasure , is based in New Delhi, India. A passionate traveler born with a love for flora and fauna, is an active naturalist and amateur photographer. Here he shares his unique insight into Incredible India revealing its mysterious and exotic treasures. Writing from his heart he shares his experiences as he crisscrosses this vast and amazing land.

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  1. Clearly a Papaver flower, genus Ranunculales, but the leaves are reminiscent of Datura spp, genus Solanaceae, which also produces many medicines that are highly toxic in high doses. Looking at the seed pods I am wondering what the alkaloid profile of the latex might be.

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