These beautiful and abundant flowers form the carpet flora of the Shrub Jungles of the Thar Deserts of Rajasthan.

grass all over
Patharphod forms the Carpet Flora 

Aerva Javanica or Aerva Tomentosa  ( Scientific name) , Kapok Bush or Desert Cotton ( English) grows wild in the Shrub Jungles of NorthWestern India.

snow with kejria
Two is company on a Sand Dune

The manifold off- white flowers resembling cotton has earned this soil binder the name DESERT COTTON .

A fellow blogger John  (  commented on a blog titled WATER IS LIFE which I had  posted yesterday .

He commented ” I wonder what the landscape looked like before the introduction of Water” in the Deserts of Ranesar and Kichan near Jodhpur.

The picture below with the snowy KAPOK Bush in the foreground and a MILKWEED ( do check the blog THE DESERT BLOOMS) in the background is the answer to his query.

snow in the desert
Clumps of White on the Sand Dunes

The picture below shows the stark sandy desert soil and a solitary bush with Cotton like flowers.

The cotton like  flowers are used to stuff pillows and saddle cushions .

They are native to vast lands extending from the deserts of Africa, Arabia and Rajasthan.

The Hindi name  Patharphod is very descriptive as literally translated it means Stone Breaker.

a clump of snow
Source of medicines as well

The featured image reminds me of Ear Buds. I am informed however that ear buds are extremely harmful and should not be utilized unless you are keen to infect your ears.

The roots, bark and leaves of this Enchanting Shrub are also used as a cure in Traditional systems of medicine for Rheumatism, Diarrhea and Anorexia.

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