The Joy of Christmas is definitely in the air as Carols and Christmas Trees can be heard and seen across the Globe.

Nature celebrates this lovely festival of Joy, Happiness and Giving in the far and desolate deserts of Rajasthan in the form of the Caper Berry ( English) Ker/Khair ( Hindi) or Cappari deciduas ( Scientific Name) Tree.

ker and windmills
Cappari deciduas amongst Windmills and Kejri Trees

The flush of  lovely red berries of this hardy Xmas Tree of the desert resemble  decorative Christmas Balls.

Tiny leaves appear only on new shoots and this adaptation of appearing leafless ensures the survival of the Ker tree in a region where water is extremely precious.

ker along the highway
Richly adorned with red berries

These edible red berries are dried, pickled when green and form an inseparable part of the famous Rajasthani dish Ker Sangri.

Beautifully adapted to the arid desert environment they can survive the harshest of droughts

decorations of ker
The Red berries of Ker

The Ker or Khair tree is also a Pharmacy of sorts and finds numerous medicinal uses in curing ailments like swollen joints, diabetes and asthma .

These spherical berries are also a symbol of fertility and consumed as  aphrodisiacs as well. ( Nature challenges Viagra)

The beautiful dainty red Christmas like like berries are a rich Natural source of Vitamin C, Calcium and Phosporous.


xmas decorations
Christmas Balls in The Desert

It is symbolic that the Christmas tree of the Desert   also bears thorns on its head. ( see the featured image) .

Wishing everyone  the Joy and Happiness  of Christmas.


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mukul chand

51 year old entrepreneur who has traveled extensively around the world for work and pleasure , is based in New Delhi, India. A passionate traveler born with a love for flora and fauna, is an active naturalist and amateur photographer. Here he shares his unique insight into Incredible India revealing its mysterious and exotic treasures. Writing from his heart he shares his experiences as he crisscrosses this vast and amazing land.

20 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS IN THE DESERT”

  1. Beautiful, dear Mukul. Desert is a very special place with its creatures and plants, climate and yes, also with its sound… The differences between night and day are amazing too. As I love Himalayas, I love deserts too… St. Exupéry’ s stories always fascinated me. Especially the letters from the desert.
    Thank you dear Mukul, I can see how amazing during this time of the year too. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. (I say this, but I don’t know your religion and but I am sure my wishes will be for you too) Love, nia

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  2. The Christmas in the Desert pictures are beautiful and so different. I always find it interesting to spend my Christmases in the tropical part of India. So different than it would be if I was in Seattle.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lovely post. I live in the high desert of Arizona where we get snow. To me, there is little more beautiful than a snow covered landscape dotted with bushes ripe with red berries and junipers laden with soft green berries. A special moment is when I spot a bright red cardinal perched on one of the snowy branches.

    Happy holidays!

    Liked by 1 person

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