Gorgeous bouquets in Pink and White adorned the sprawling lawns of the Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur.

It was a romantic setting for a grand and spectacular Indian Wedding ( will post a blog on the same at a later date on http// I had a real close look and attempted to unravel the meaning of each flower in the bouquet.

Pink hydrangeas (Scientific name Hydrangea macrophylla) romantically symbolize  heart beats.

Native to the Himalayas and China they are consumed as Herbal tea in China, Japan and Korea.

Pink hydrangea or “you are the beat of my heart”

Pink button pom pom Chrysanthemums belong to the Sunflower family Asteraceae. Each flower is actually a collection of flowers in the centre and the pink  petals are in fact  ray florets.

Native to China they symbolize Happiness and are even today the symbol of The Imperial Family of Japan.

The Festival of Happiness in Japan celebrates  Chrysanthemums.

Happy button Chrysanthemum

Roses ( family Rosaceae)  have for time immemorial been the symbol  of love. Pink roses symbolize happiness and admiration.

These graceful and lovely Pink Rose buds have a solitary golden bud of the Aster flower for company.

Roses are also native to Asia and China in particular.

pink roses
Pink Roses

Pink Carnations (Scientific name Dianthus caryophyllus) symbolize love and fascination.

As per Christian mythology they sprung up where Mother Marys tears fell on Earth as she saw Jesus on a cross.

Also called Dianthus, the literal translation from Greek means the Flower of the Gods.

Fascinating Love

Love, Fascination, Heart Beats and Admiration all make up the perfect Wedding Bouquet.

Bouquet of Pink
All in Pink

I wonder if the florists knew that all the Pink flowers in the gorgeous bouquet are native to Asia.



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20 thoughts on “PINK ALL THE WAY”

  1. Such beautiful flowers! Dian thus are a fav of mine.
    Way back in history, all flowers had a meaning associated with it called floriography.
    So when flowers/bouquets were exchanged, it wasn’t about the colors, it was the combo of the flowers that sent the message.
    Lilacs mean new love, iris mean good news and marigolds mean grief, for example.
    I did write a post listing the flower meanings, if you want to read it 😃

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    1. how interesting. though i think the same flower may mean diff. things in diff parts of the world. eg marigolds are very auspicious in India and used in weddings and for offerings during Prayers.White flowers represent sorrow and grief.

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  2. I never knew all these beautiful flowers originated from Asia! I’m American and our Western culture appreciates the beauty of flowers more often by their colors, shapes, etc. But, wow, their implicit messages are as beautiful as their visible properties! Great post, and keep up the great work!

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