The featured Image captures the mood of this article perfectly. Observe how The Peepul  tree and the golden grass bridge the present to the past.

Flora infuses life to monuments , they  breathe life into the Past.

The Peepul(Hindi)  tree ( Scientific Name Ficus Religiosa) resides in the midst of this lovely 300-400 hundred year old  Monument at the  Sarovar Hotel In Pushkar, Rajasthan, India.

The picture below has the Indian Mast tree ( Scientific Name  Polyalthia longifolia)  dwarf the lovely dome of another building from medieval India located at Sunset point along the Pushkar Lake.

ashoka tree

Trees surround this gorgeous monument

The large Banyan (Scientific name Ficus Benghalensis)  trees also belong to the Ficus family and like the Peepul tree are revered by Hindus, Buddhists and Jains.

The Banyan tree  symbolically towers over the ruins of the Jehangir Mahal ( 17th Century)  at Pushkar and abuts a cremation ground as well.


The Banyan Tree
The Jehangir Mahal and the Banyan Tree

The Ancient Shiva Temple at Pushkar along the Jodhpur Ghats was built by the Royal family of Marwar around a Bael tree ( do check my post THE DIVINE TREE) .

bael tree
In the midst of an ancient Shiva Temple

The lake at Pushkar is steeped in Legend and the origins go back to the Creator , Lord Brahma and the Lotus flower.

As we reflect on our deeds or misdeeds of the past, trees have provided cover since time immemorial along the Ghats of Faith at this Holy Lake at Pushkar.

in the shadow of trees
Trees reflect on themselves along the Ghats of Pushkar

Through this blog have taken you down the road of History and introduced three Sacred Trees of India which you will see repeatedly as you traverse this land of wonder.

( A fellow blogger, Guru Genie,  had mentioned that he had heard of the beautiful architecture of Rajasthan, this comment has inspired this blog)

I have thus christened them as MONUMENTAL TREES .

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51 year old entrepreneur who has traveled extensively around the world for work and pleasure , is based in New Delhi, India. A passionate traveler born with a love for flora and fauna, is an active naturalist and amateur photographer. Here he shares his unique insight into Incredible India revealing its mysterious and exotic treasures. Writing from his heart he shares his experiences as he crisscrosses this vast and amazing land.

20 thoughts on “MONUMENTAL TREES”

  1. As the population expands, trees make way for the roads, houses and what not! I guess we humans need to understand the relationship of our existence with trees. The presence of tree in temples and tying them up with religious practices was one of the ways to bond them with humans. Thanks for posting it here.

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      1. I know, it doesn’t matter really, I don’t post to flirt, which is why I chose the name guru genie, so that I could be inconspicuous as a person.

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      2. Well, that’s a good thing — your purpose, it’s mine as well, however, not all men are as honourable as you.

        It’s been difficult blogging as a woman before I came up with the name guru genie, I figured: who would mes wit a guru?

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