I feel a bit like Columbus as i write this article.. Looking for Exotic Ancient Roots I stumbled upon a treasure of enchanting GREENS.

Spotted for the first time by me in a vegetable market in New Delhi, I share this new found treasure.

For ignorant me these green orbs clearly fall under the classification UNSEEN, UNHEARD of and hitherto UNKNOWN. Am sure the readers are wiser ( am I presuming too much?)

The featured picture and the one that follows is of a SPINY or SPIKY GOURD . Each orb is a packet of IMMUNITY.

These green vegetables  are native to South Asia and called “Junglee Karela” or “Kantola” in Hindi. AS the first name suggests it is a close cousin  ( as per scientists) of  “bitter gourd”  ( Karela in Hindi)

Prickly pear
Prickly   Pear  ?

Scientific name is Momordica dioica.  The well-known vegetables Broccoli, Zucchini and Carrots surround this relatively discrete vegetable in the picture that follows.

unusual karela
unusual karela in the company of the usual

These are called  Gentleman’s Toes  or Ivy Gourd in English. Locally in Hindi they are called Kundru . Native to the Indian Subcontinent these small inconspicuous vegetables ( Scientific name: Coccinia indica)  are in fact  a MIRACLE DRUG.

Known to rapidly reduce sugar levels they are a natural boon for numerous people suffering from Diabetes.

( check out http://la-tienda-ayurvedica.com and http://www.ayushveda.com ) 


This  green vegetable looking like a green apple of sorts  remains  a mystery to me.

I crown it the King of the three vegetables in the group :  THE UNSEEN . UNHEARD. UNKNOWN

Can  anyone  give this vegetable/fruit a NAME  ?

what is this
What on Earth  is this ?

On wards to the next treasure . I leave you with these wonders of the vegetable world.

For those visiting India: step into the UNKNOWN. Taste  the history  of this Ancient Land.

Hope to hear  from all those who read my blogs on similar food stuff in their Worlds.

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mukul chand

51 year old entrepreneur who has traveled extensively around the world for work and pleasure , is based in New Delhi, India. A passionate traveler born with a love for flora and fauna, is an active naturalist and amateur photographer. Here he shares his unique insight into Incredible India revealing its mysterious and exotic treasures. Writing from his heart he shares his experiences as he crisscrosses this vast and amazing land.

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